Borrowed Smoke BBQ


Out Story

When Korn Patch Kettle Corn opened its storefront two years ago, we were asked if we could
provide food for a neighboring bar. The next weekend, we shared a few racks of our
competition ribs. We sold out that night and soon we were popping corn, selling ribs and
catering our BBQ at events. The bar closed during COVID, and popping took most of our time.
Like most businesses, COVID scared us. But our loyal customers never strayed and because of
them, we made it through. But our love for great Texas BBQ never went away.
When we decided to begin smoking again, we only had one problem. We needed a big smoker.


So I did what any red blooded Texas boy would do. I went down to our family horse ranch(Terry Ranch) and stole “borrowed” one from my dad. And Borrowed Smoke was born.


All of our meats are smoked low and slow seasoned only with salt and pepper. We smoke all of our meats for 18 – 20 hours using post oak and pecan wood in a 500 gal offset smoker. Our menu includes beef brisket, pork spareribs, our competition babyback ribs (one or two special ingredients included), pulled pork, and beef ribs (Saturdays only), ranch style beans, potato salad, white bread and Southern cornbread. We serve the meats, and you do the rest. We are open Saturdays at 11:00 am until sold out, for carry out only. We also smoke special orders ready for delivery any day of week for any size event.

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BEEF RIB $22.99ea

BRISKET, (1/2 LB.) $9.49

BABYBACK RIBS (1/2 LB.) $7.99

PORK SPARERIBS (1/2 LB.) $6.99

PULLED PORK (1/2 LB.) $5.99

SIDES $1.99 Small / $5.35 Medium / $10.50 Large




Pre-orders are STONGLY recommended.